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Next Steps

Step 1 We’ll work together to assess your current financial situation

To get a clear picture of your current financial situation we’ll review your cash flow and net worth. This means we’ll examine your income and expenses as well as your assets and liabilities or debts.

We need to know where you are now in order to develop a strategy to get you where you want to be.

Step 2 We’ll identify your goals. What do you want your money to do for you?

The simple answer is that you want your money to help you reach your goals. With Sustainable and Socially Responsible Impact Investing your money can do more than simply help you reach your goals, your money can make a difference. The goal setting process is therefore two-pronged: identify your goals and the desired social and/or environmental impact of your investments.

Your goals have price tags and a desired time of arrival. What are your goals? How much will they cost? And when do you want them? This last item is especially important and we’ll want to identify the time horizon of your goals as short, long or intermediate.

The estimated time horizon of each goal is a key variable in deciding how to invest toward that goal. The money you save for a down payment on a home you want in the next few years should be invested much more conservatively than money earmarked for retirement 10, 15 or more years from now.

Sustainable and Socially Responsible Impact Investing has several components. We’ll work together to identify what issues are of greatest importance to you. Is it the screening process where we identify what you are and are not willing to invest in? Or perhaps the shareholder advocacy piece is most important to you because you want to actively effect change with your investment dollar. Some consider the community investing piece and philanthropy to be the most important.

Step 3 We’ll take the knowledge we’ve gathered in step 2 and develop a strategy to meet those goals.
This strategy will take into consideration not only the nature of each goal and its time horizon but also the various components of SRI and Impact Investing.

Step 4 We’ll periodically review not only your investments, but also your goals and your financial situation. Your goals can and will change over time. Some goals may become a higher priority while others are pushed farther back. A variety of events can change your goals or your financial situation. These may include relocation from one part of the country to another, a career shift, marriage, divorce, children, inheritance, etc.

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