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Retirement Plans

Individual Retirement Plans

There are a variety of ways to save for retirement. Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs are available to individuals and also to the self-employed or small business. We can work together to identify which type of IRA best suits you and/or your small business. When establishing an IRA account you’ll also want to consult with a professional tax preparer regarding how each type of account might affect you and/or your business. 

Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA 

Individuals can open Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs. These accounts can help you save for retirement outside of any retirement plan provided by your employer. If you follow the rules and restrictions regarding IRA accounts, your contributions can grow either tax-deferred or tax-free depending upon the type of IRA account you open. 

For more information about Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs including a side-by-side comparison chart, please visit:

Spousal IRA 

To make an IRA contribution you typically need to have earned income from some kind of employment, but the Spousal IRA is an exception. The Spousal IRA can help a spouse who is finishing school, taking care of the children or an ailing parent, save for retirement even if they have no earned income or very minimal income. 

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IRA for your income earning child 

Babysitting, managing a paper route, the summer job. These are all income producing activities. A parent can open an IRA account on behalf of their child if that family can document that the child has earned income. Please note that an allowance is not considered income. When every penny really can and does add up, even the smallest IRA contribution for a child under 18 can compound over time. Just imagine if you could get your child into the habit of saving for retirement when retirement is half a century away.

Retirement savings for Small Business

Establishing a retirement plan for your small business has several benefits.

  • A retirement plan can help you attract and retain quality employees. 
  • Company contributions or matches can be deductible expenses.
  • Participants can use the plan to save for retirement and be more financially secure.

The small business owner has a wide variety or retirement plans to choose from including a defined benefit plan, profit sharing plan, a Simple IRA, a SEP IRA or the often already familiar 401(k) plan. 

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